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Maiden voyage to Manchester

As we reported in the spring edition of the Tardis Times, we’re increasing the fleet with the acquisition of new tankers. Recognising that the Tardis tanker is the work horse of our fleet,  three brand new  vehicles have arrived and gone swiftly into service.

We had the chance to join one of them on its first day in service with veteran Tanker Captain Andy.

Our destination Manchester. Sadly, the sun did not have its hat on which always makes for better pictures, but at least the rain stopped in time for our arrival in this fair city.


Our mission, to remove groundwater from a small but deep pit that had flooded on a construction site.

Straightforward enough, though we had to ensure the sludge and solids such as bricks at the bottom of the pit didn’t get pulled up into the tanker, as we’d arranged for disposal of simple uncontaminated groundwater some miles away in Irlam.

We discovered that emptying a tanker using just gravity over employing a pump is much slower than how we filled the tanker, the drain was a yawn inducing 6 litres per second.

Then, it was back to site to remove more water, almost emptying the original pit, before turning our attention to a secondary water channel running behind it, which was leeching water and refilling the pit we’d already emptied.

The tanker coped admirably and we were booked to return the next day to remove more water from the site.

All Tardis tankers kitted out to FORS Silver standard

Like all Tardis tankers, this one is kitted out to FORS Silver standard, as the company is now proudly accredited to this level of the Fleet Operator’s Recognition Scheme, a huge contribution to road safety, combining the employment of technology and training of HGV drivers.

The new tanker will soon be on our regular runs, emptying construction waste tanks, welfare and toilet blocks around the Midlands and beyond. Rather like the other tankers on the fleet, this new baby is hard to miss with its orange and green livery and distinctive Tardis branding.

We are aware via our social media and Flickr streams that there are “Tardis Taggers” out there, who send us photos and alerts when they see our vehicles.

Tardis Tanker

Spotted on the streets of London by BBC Click journalist Spencer Kelly. Like everyone else, he wondered if this tanker is bigger on the inside.

This included TV presenter Spencer Kelly of BBC Click technology programme, who photographed one of the fleet somewhere in London and enquired (like a thousand others before him), is it bigger on the inside?

That of course would be telling…