The London 2012 Olympics are on everyone’s lips at the moment for good or bad reasons; it’s the thing everyone is talking about and is definitely an event to look forward too.

Now whether you think the Olympics are important or not, you cannot argue that the construction and engineering aspects of the various venues combined with the regeneration and transformation of areas in London are outstanding, and worthy of such an illustrious event.

Construction started way back in May 2008 and now with only 149 days to go until the Olympics well and truly kick off most of the constructions are nearing completion; Tardis have been involved right from the start at various sites such as, the Athletes Village, North Plaza, Finsbury Park and the BTS Hotel to name a few. Whilst working here we have been providing our excellent services such as, tank emptying, Water fills, bowser hire, high pressure water jetting, tank hire, and hazardous waste removal.

When the start of the Olympics finally comes around Tardis can take pride in the fact we helped with the construction, and will continue providing our services during the event aiding its smooth running.

From everyone at the Tardis team we would like to wish the best of luck to all of Team GB and our Olympic hopefuls.