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The Tardis Umbrella is a visual representation to show how many of our products and services fall under the realm of site services or water services.

Firstly, Tardis Environmental has two main divisions. Tardis Environmental (also known as Tardis Hire) & Tardis H2O (our water division).

We offer a wide range of products and services to many industries nationwide. Tardis H2O specialise in providing bulk water solutions along with any other water services required for events, construction, domestic, and more.

Tardis Hire provide a wide range of services but is renowned for providing:


Services we provide

There are many more services. Click the image below to view the Tardis Umbrella.

tardis umbrella


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With over 28 years experience, Tardis Environmental can provide a solution from portable toilet hire through to water testing services. Contact us below for a member of our sales team to provide you a free quotation.

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