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The rains cam to Leicester Caribbean Carnival

We visited our friends at Leicester Caribbean Carnival last week.

We’ve supplied portable toilets to the event for some years now, but only ever witnessed the setting up and clearing away, never the event itself.

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

Concentration, one young performer making sure she gets her steps just right.

Arrived just as the procession was setting off for a march of a couple of miles round the now closed streets of the city of Leicester.

daft bugger

Even the minions were up for some carnival fun

To say it was raining would be an understatement. Coming down like stair rods it was, but as you can see from the faces in the photographs, not one dampened spirit, especially the kids taking park, who were concentrating hard on their dance moves, making sure they were perfect, which indeed they were.

Carnival time

Just one of many spectacular get ups in the parade.

A panoply of Caribbean colour and sound as each procession float passed by with their PAs heralding that no amount of rain was going to dampen their parade.

carnival star

Leading the procession

It brightened up a little later and as the procession returned to Victoria park, people began to file in for an afternoon’s entertainment. Rap artistes on the stage, stalls selling jerk chicken, goat curry and all sorts of Caribbean delicacies.

caribbeam cooking

Lots of chicken

A fun fair over the other side of the park and an atmosphere to match the colours and amazing smells emanating from the food stands.

Credit to the organisers, the same crew who arrange it each year.

Tardis crew

The Tardis crew: Ben, KiKi and Steve

Our happy crew of Ben, KiKi and Steve kept the toilets stocked with the necessities and were enjoying the carnival atmosphere, though Ben found them music “a bit loud”.

Kids at the carnival

Giving their all

The sort of comment you might expect from an octogenarian, not a young lad of Ben’s youthful years.

Ben aside, the people of Leicester showed that even in the rain, you can still raise a rumpus and didn’t they do just that.


Here’s to 2018 and maybe a little sunshine.

Organisers website: