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Temporary Site Services- The complete fitting service.

macerator pump fitting

We’ve posted previously about how we can provide a complete fitting service to install the various pieces of plant we hire. Our Tardis fitters provide temporary site services nationwide.

A construction site in Sunbury on Thames provided the backdrop to show the variety of services we can provide to our clients.

A brand new welfare block only recently delivered, as was a Tardis steel waste tank and 10,000 litre capacity static water tank.


fitting connection for water tank

fitting a connection for water storage


The initial survey carried out by our client, indicated the waste tank was on higher ground than the cabin, and so a pump would also be required, in this case a pump / macerator.

The building required clean water inlet pipework to allow toilet flushing and hand washing and as one might imagine, outlet sewage pipework to sent the unwanted, to the waste tank.

The water would come from the 10,000 litre water tank with a little help from an electric on-demand pump housed snuggle inside a Tardis pump protection box. This is January after all, high probability of sub zero temperatures for at least 6 weeks.

With that in mind, the client also asked us to lag the water inlet pipework, a prudent move, considering how this winter has been so far.

The Tardis H2O fitting van was unloaded of all the  kit and caboodle necessary to complete the job, including a special 3” fitting to be mounted on the pump / macerator so it would link comfortable on to the waste hose of the same diameter.

In addition to plumbing service, there was some electrician’s input required, wiring in the control box for the pump macerator, which, along with the on-demand pump would be connected to the heavy duty generator the client had provided.

The job involved a waste water feed from the upper level of the block where there was a facility for hand washing and then downstairs, the toilet facilities.

temporary site services

Fitting the sewage outlet pipework to a welfare cabin

The pump macerator is an interesting device. This design has a 60 litre tank, controlled by a float mechanism, which when full, shuts off the waste supply and activates the macerator and pump, sending it all to the waiting waste tank.

As for empties and refills, our Tardis tankers will pop by as and when required to empty one tank and top up the other and no, we won’t get it the wrong way round…

The fitting service is a valuable part of what we offer to our clients. After all, we know about the plant we supply to site and therefore are well placed to plumb it in and make it work.

All that’s left is for the new occupants to move in and start using the facility, which of course we tested before leaving site.

Our video shows just what we did:

As with all of our services, fitting to include plumbing and commercial electrical work, can be quoted by calling 0800 731 0589 the only number nationwide you need, to call Tardis Environmental.

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