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If you live or work in an area where access to a public sewage system is limited or non-existent it is likely you will have a septic tank system. Septic tank systems and cesspits are not like traditional sewer systems, they need to checked and maintained, you cannot just forget about them! To ensure your tank is functioning at full working efficiency you may need to hire the services of a company to undertake the regular emptying of the tank.

Avoid a septic tank overflow!

If your tank is not regularly you could be dealing with a very bad situation. Although it’s not very pleasant to imagine, the waste will continue to build and build up until the tank is full, once it is full and the waste keeps coming in there’s only one place it will go, and that’s everywhere.  This will cause a tremendous amount of damage to the environment potentially wrecking the habitats of local animals.

Increase the Life of your Tank!

If the above doesn’t convince you to have your septic tank emptied regularly, this next point may. Having your septic tank emptied also increases its life span; the more it is allowed to reach full capacity the less time it will last you. The cost of having the tank emptied is dwarfed by the potential cost you will have to pay to have a new septic tank system fitted.

To ensure you do not suffer an overflow or need to buy replacements have your septic tank regularly emptied by Tardis Environmental. Our vehicles are equipped with specialist vacuum pumps and long hoses to ensure we can desludge both domestic and commercial septic tanks. We also have vehicles with pressure washers for wash downs.

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