If you took part in the London marathon over the weekend well done! Thousands took part in the event, including some well-known celebrities such as Neil McAndrew.

An important factor to consider when running a marathon is hydration, so drinking plenty of water or other hydrating drinks is a must. However, drinking a lot also means that you will probably need the toilet more.

No you probably didn’t notice while you were running, but they would have been plenty of portable toilets around for your use in case you needed to go before, after or during the race. Tardis Environmental was involved in emptying these toilet blocks so that they stayed nice and usable for you!

Tardis Environmental can provide portable toilets for any style of event large or small, and our fleet of tankers allow us to offer a complete wet waste removal service. Free-phone 0800 731 0589 to see what Tardis can do for you!