Monty Norman’s iconic theme tune to the James Bond films is probably one of the most well known in the world. Whenever you hear it, you picture your favourite Bond doing the famous gun barrel sequence and deliver one of the catchphrases that has helped to make the franchise so popular. Or perhaps you try and pull off an awful Sean Connery impression – “Yes, Miss Moneypenny”, gaining a few awkward laughs in the process.

Well, however much you wish you could be as suave and sophisticated, as good with the women or just as lucky at getting out of hair-raising situations as Bond, occasionally it’s good to just realise he’s still a man, and he’s still got to visit the little boy’s room like everybody else.

So it’s pretty exciting news to reveal that we’ll be providing the hire of toilet block (septic) tanks and a septic tank emptying service during the production of the new Bond film, Skyfall, which is out in November. And while most of Bond’s traditional catchphrases have been dropped during the reboot, I’m sure when Daniel Craig’s alone in his trailer, he still looks at the mirror and says “The name’s Bond, James Bond”.