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10 Important Questions asked for Toilet Hire – Toilet FAQ’S



When we hire out our portable toilets, customers often ask questions regarding portable toilet hire. This blog will be a type of FAQ with explanation to answer your important questions and considerations when hiring portable toilets for site.


toilet faq

Toilet FAQ


Consider site postcode- Where are the portable toilets being placed on site?


For sites that require multiple portable toilets, it’s important to consider the site postcode. Incorrectly placed toilets could cause issues on site. This could include directing people across the site to use the toilets which could increase traffic.


Larger sites will need to think about placing portable toilets sporadically around the site. All the toilets in a specific site postcode at one part of the site could be ineffective.


If there is a wall or other obstacle in the way, then a crane-mounted lorry may be required for delivery and collection. Please inform us if this is the case at the time of ordering.


We have had a situation where a portable toilet required servicing but was placed underground! Do not place toilets underground or indoors as servicing and removing the toilets become near impossible. They are designed for outdoor use only. 

All units must be accessible for servicing – positioned no more than 7 metres from where our service vehicle can, safely, park.


What type of vehicle do we use to transport the toilets onto site?


We deliver our portable toilets on a 7.5-tonne flatbed HGV. Depending on the quantity needed for site, we can introduce an extra trailer to carry a further 10 toilets. To view the specification for this vehicle, click here.


Sites with restricted access could be a potential issue for delivering portable toilets and servicing them. Uneven and unsafe terrain makes it difficult for transportation on site overall.


7.5tonne HGV transporting portable toilets with trailer


What vehicle do we use for portable toilet servicing?


Our Tardis 26-tonne jet vac tankers often used to enter sites to quickly and efficiently empty and service portable toilets. However, if site access is limited, we can equip our 7.5-tonne service tanker. It is also known as the “mini tanker”.


If you are unsure whether our 26-tonne tanker will fit on site, please let us know in advance so we can book your service with our 7.5-tonne tanker. This help speed up the job and get your portable toilets back up and running!


If there is a wall or other obstacle in the way, then a crane-mounted lorry may be required for delivery and collection. Please inform us if this is the case at the time of ordering.


Our small service vehicles have approximately 15 metres of hose to reach our units. Our HGV vacuum tankers carrying approximately 30 metres of hose.


How often do I need to have a portable toilet serviced?


Keeping your toilets hygienic isn’t the easiest thing to do. We can help! If your toilets are being used at big festivals where thousands of people use them every day along with drinking plenty of alcohol!


Never the less having your toilets serviced is a must! One, they will overflow if you don’t and two equally as  important important, it will keep your guests happy! No one likes dirty smelly toilets.


Now this won’t stop them getting full up again and it’s up to you how many services you decide to have, most just go with the one service mid-way through the event.


What will be supplied with the toilet?


The portable toilets will be delivered with toilet roll and hand sanitizer unless a sink is fitted in which case we will also supply paper towels.


Furthermore, once the initial supplies run out, it is your responsibility to replenish consumables unless you have requested us to replenish consumables.


Are the toilets available for long term hire?


Yes, we can provide portable toilet hire long term for a hire basis of over 2 months or more, please contact us to get a quote.


Do we provide portable showers and portable urinals?


Apart from our traditional portable toilets, we can provide hot wash portable toilets, disabled portable toilets and more. We can also provide portable shower trailers, washing stations and urinal bays. For a specific breakdown of our portable toilet range, click here.


How many portable toilets do I need?


We are often asked this question when booking in our customers toilet hire. The demand for toilets can rise for example if you have an event that increases alcohol consumption. It is important to consider the number of toilets you will require in ratio to the number of people attending your event. Check out our Portable Toilet Calculator.

Are there lights in the toilets?


Certain toilets such as our mains portable toilets contain lights. Each toilet has a translucent roof in order to maxmise as much light as possible. If you require lights, please speak to us prior to your hire.


What size vehicle will the toilet be transported on?


We deliver the toilets with our 7.5 Tonne Haulage Truck and have an additional tow trailer to carry a further 10 toilets.


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We hope our toilet faq covers some of your questions. However, if you have any further questions or you require toilet hire, contact us today for a free quote. Alternatively, please use the enquiry form below.