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Event Toilet Hire

Event Toilets for Hire

Now here’s a subject we know a little about, having been supplying event portable toilets to the major festivals on the scene for over 25 years.


Believe us, there’s a knack to planning a successful event and getting the sanitation right is the bedrock of success. Luckily, we can advise in most instances.


As you already know, we have various types of portable toilets to cater for different needs and depending on the type of event you can alter the ratio to suit.


How many Toilets do I need for my event?


Yes, it’s always prudent to think about the cross-section of people who will be attending.

For example, will there be alcohol served?  This increases the demand for toilet facilities by 13%.

Provision should be made for a percentage of wheelchair users and as you are probably already aware, we have the perfect portable toilet designed for people with special needs.

If you’re preparing for a “blokey” event, where the lads outnumber the lasses, then you can ease the demand on the trad toilet, by utilising portable urinals which come in 2 sizes, four and six bay. The larger even has it’s own little modesty tent.


Savvy event organisers plan well in advance and when we say that, we’re talking quite often a year or more.


If you’re organising a sizeable event, then forward planning is essential. We can help you work out just how many toilets you’ll be needing.


Either talk to our friendly and knowledgeable hire desk, or you can have a “tap tap” on our toilet calculator on this website which can at least allow you to set the ball rolling.


You’d be surprised at some of the factors people forget to build in when they’re calculating the numbers.


Proud members of the National Outdoor Events Association

Tardis Environmental is now a member of the National outdoor events association. Contact us today to book in your portable toilet hire for your event all year round!

national outdoor events association
event portable toilets
event portable toilet for rental
Optional Extras
  • Easy fit push lights
  • Padlock
  • Protective cage for added security
  • Hoist frame for hi rise site locations
construction toilet hire
You might wish to also consider our construction site toilets

Main Features – Event Toilet Hire:

  • Recirculating chemical flush
  • Hand operated flushing system
  • Hand sanitiser or cold water wash hand basin
  • Integral vents
  • 2-Roll toilet roll holder
  • Plastic toilet bowl and seat
  • Integral door lock
  • Translucent roof

Will there be camping on the site?


We ask this, because campers will often tip their own waste into the toilets filling them up a lot quicker. After all, a self-contained portable toilet has a tank with limited capacity.


All ticket event or pay at the gate?


We know from experience, that ticket sales on the gate can increase use on toilet facilities, creating problems organisers just forget to factor into the equation.

You can plan your servicing resources to empty toilets based on ticket sales.  If you’re expecting another ten thousand on the day those people will want to use the facilities just as much as the ticket holders, so build in the on the day visitors too.

If you’ve performers and VIP guests, you can hire luxury toilet blocks and shower facilities, situating them close to your guest area.

We know you organise your events with success in mind. You want people to enjoy themselves and come again next year.

Don’t spoil the ship for a ha’porth of tar. Let us advise you on all aspects of event and festival sanitation. Portable toilets, toilet blocks even portable shower blocks.

We’ve been there, seen it and have the video, one of which you review at the top of this page.

We have clients who organise carnivals, festivals of all kinds, who come back to us year upon year. We’ve built a reputation on objective advice, backed up with good service.

Festival season is our busiest time of year and believe us, we enjoy it as much as the revellers. It’s hard work, but it’s fun too.

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