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Portable Shower Hire

portable shower hire

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Portable Shower Units

When you need a rain box on site, turn to Tardis.

Our individual portable shower units are electrically powered, so to make them work effectively, you’ll need the following:

A water supply

• A power supply

• Somewhere for the wastewater to run to

Your water supply ideally should be from the mains supply, as that provides the pressure to keep the shower heater operating.


Main Features – Portable Shower Units:


  • Cold water mains supply
  • Instantaneous 7kw water heater with temperature and flow control
  • Fully height adjustable shower head with integral soap tray
  • Privacy shower curtain
  • Stainless steel shower curtain rail and fittings
  • Corner vanity unit for storage of shampoo and soap
  • Acrylic mirror and towel rail
  • Moulded shower tray and floor with central rose drain
  • Constructed from medium and high density Polyethylene
  • 15mm water inlet connection
  • 240v 32amp power supply required


Alternatively, a stored water supply mounted at least above head height to provide a gravity feed.

Your power supply needs to be from a generator that provides a minimum of 10kVa as the unit requires 230 volts AC supply, drawing 32 amps of current.

The water runoff is via a 19mm pipe from the bottom of the unit.

Simple soap and water can be fed into the commercial drainage system, rather like what happens in the home.

If the unit is an industrial environment, then the nature of the wastewater should be considered and drained into a vessel. In the case of possible contaminants such as oil or paint.

Our video above gives more information about the shower and its minimum requirements.