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4 Bay Gas Portable Shower Trailer

portable shower trailers

The ultimate in luxury and convenience with Tardis 4 bay portable shower trailers.


Back in 2014, we introduced our portable shower trailers. Ever since, they have graced sporting events, exhibitions and music festivals.

The block is a cinch to set up. Wind down the legs and connect to a water supply. This can be a large water tank or a mains supply if available.

When using stored water, an on-demand pump will provide the necessary pressure the showers need to operate correctly

Heating is from a gas bottle and you need mains power for the lights.

Water runoff from under the block can be routed to the commercial drainage system or into a suitable vessel (recommended to industrial use when the wastewater may contain contaminants such as oil or water.

Typical time to set up the complete clock is 10-15 minutes and then, up to four people can shower in complete privacy. Once set up, all you need remember is your soap and towel.

If you need individual portable showers. Check out our portable shower hire page by clicking the button below.

For specialised advice on water vessels, and what you need to provide the perfect solution for people’s personal grooming, call the Tardis team on 0800 731 0589.

What is the size of the 4 Bay Gas Shower Trailer?

Dimensions: 2.88 mtrs Wide x 4.2 mtrs Long

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    Main Features:


    • Galvanised fold down steps are attached to the unit
    • 230 volt – 16 amp electrical inlet
    • 70mm waste connection
    • 19mm water inlet
    • Gas bottle storage compartment
    • Gas Safe certificate
    • Heater tank storage option with water pump

    Running Stats:

    • Power consumption
    • Water consumption 32 litres per minute max
    • Gas consumption 3.86kg per hour max

    Each shower cubicle includes:


    • Shower curtain
    • Bench seat
    • Ceiling light
    • Coat
    • Mirror
    • Thermostatically controlled shower head
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