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Portable Toilet Servicing

Tardis provides many toilet services

We service other toilets, both portable and those found in welfare cabins and toilet blocks. All the toilets we service are photo verified with records kept at our Brownhills HQ.

Our daily runs encompass both our own regular servicing and some of our client’s own blocks. We then providing portable toilet cleaning service to the highest standard.

When it comes to blocks, we can also arrange for the water you use for hand washing and toilet flushing purposes to be topped up. We offer the complete package to keep your welfare facilities operational.

Portable Toilet Servicing

Portable toilet servicing is the art of keeping a unit operational and clean enough to make people want to use it.

We do this on a regular basis (approximately 1000 a week).



As part of our toilet servicing, we clean the toilet, sink (if present) and interior walls, leaving it clean and smelling fresh. The toilet is emptied and refilled with the special bio blue chemical.


We replenish all the consumable items:

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap/hand gel.


We do this many hundreds of times per week with the toilets that are out on hire to our customers. Construction toilets on long-term hire are serviced on a weekly run basis, or more frequently by arrangement. It’s all part of providing an efficient portable toilet emptying service.


All toilet service routes are monitored from our Tardis HQ.


All operations are controlled from our Tardis HQ. Instructions are relayed live to our operatives wherever they may be via Transend handheld data terminals.

Problems and discrepancies can be monitored with us providing advice and solutions relayed directly to those involved.

The status of specific jobs can be reviewed in an instant and vehicles rerouted if necessary.

Service data and before and after photos are “beamed” back to HQ for every toilet service.

portable toilet cleaning service