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Portable Urinal Hire

portable urinal hire
6 bay urinal

Main Features – 4 & 6 Bay Portable Urinals:


  • Space saving and cost-effective solution
  • Ideal “fix” at larger events where a higher ratio of male attendees are expected
  • Self-contained units which can be sited almost anywhere
  • Light and easy to clean
  • Substantially reduces loo queues
  • Provided ready for use


Portable Urinal Hire

At Tardis, we supply portable urinal hire.


A Portable urinal is a godsend if you are organising a bloke heavy event. In short, they will keep the queues down for the ladies who want to use the conventional toilets. This makes it a perfect solution to use in addition to our traditional portable toilets.


We offer three models, a 4 and a 6 bay, (for the latter of which comes in its own little modesty tent) and a 20 bay urinal. Our 20 bay urinal is ideal for heavy traffic events. 


These items are perfect for the likes of stag parties or sports events.


If you’re organising an event and want to keep absolutely everyone happy, consider putting portable urinals into your event plan.

If you require a larger urinal for hire, check out our 20 bay mens urinal.


event toilet hire
Can be used in conjunction with our classic portable toilets to create a complete sanitation solution for your event.
4 bay portable urinal
Tardis tech spec sheet white