Portable Wash Stations

Portable Wash Stations

Sometimes you really do want clean hands and not all portable toilets have a wash basin and water.

Enter the portable wash station.

We’ve two models to consider, the self-contained electrically operated unit, which features hot and cold running water, a deep sink with magic eye water activation.

No additional water supply is needed or drainage for that matter. The unit houses tanks for both clean and waste water, so all you need is a 230 volt 16 amp supply (please note the type of plug).

This is an ideal add on for construction sites or commercial premises where people require proper hot running water sanitation, for example those operating machinery or handling food.

As it shares the same shell as one of our portable toilets, this can be sited close by to provide a total sanitation solution.


Two Person Cold Water Wash Station

Alternatively, there are times when just a swill of cold water will solve the mucky paws problem. Children post ice cream or chocolate spring to mind, especially on those sunny days out.

Step up to the Tardis 2 person portable hand wash station. It features a sealed water tank and allows for the controlled addition of Chlorine tablets to ensure the water is fit for use.

Heed the warnings on the unit, this is not a drinking fountain.

The dispense action is via a foot operated pump and there’s a soap dispenser on the body of the unit for each user.

You’ll get approximately 600 uses per fill from this unit with an anticipated 0.6 of a litre per use.

This unit is a real winner at events and festivals and is a real must when considering good hygiene for a lot of people.