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20 Bay Mens Urinal

Main Features- 20 Bay Mens Urinal

  • Self-Contained

  • 16A 240v Power Supply Needed For LED Lights

  • 20 Bay Urinal

  • Lightweight design

  • Towable unit

  • Waterless system

  • LED lighting

  • Waterless hand sanitisers

  • 500 Gallon Tank

Tardis Spec Sheet

20 Bay Mens Urinal


Fed up of queuing? Our 20 bay urinal is the perfect solution for a bloke heavy event!


The 20 bay mens urinal is hired out to cater for events with heavy footfall. Its robust design allows it to be used through all seasonal events, all year round. The urinal bay helps prevent queues, allowing guests to enjoy the event and a better experience overall.

This self-contained portable urinal bay has a 500-gallon tank to withstand heavy use throughout the day.

When planning for an event, you can use our portable toilet calculator. Factors such as alcohol can increase demand for toilets by 13%. For other portable urinals for males, we have our 6 or 4 bay urinal.


  • 3.2Mtrs Wide x 6.3Mtrs Long x 2.9Mtrs High

20 bay mens urinal

Mens Portable Urinal, Water Saving Solution

A blue liquid is added to maintain a waterless system. Even the hand sanitisers are waterless! Saving water provides environmental benefits and saves time. The self-contained 20 bay urinal does not need as much maintenance.