Toilet that recharges itself

Japan gave us the fully automated toilet for the best bathroom experience, all you had to do is sit down and let the loo do the rest.

The current automated toilet uses sensors that detect when you are walking towards it and then lifts up the toilet seat ready for you to sit down. It also has a hand operated panel on the side which will enable automatic hands free washing for a complete sanitary cleaning – no hands or toilet paper needed. When you’re done just get up and leave the toilet to flush itself automatically.

But Japan has now added another cleaver feature to their already impressive toilet. The ability to generate its own electricity from, which is from the movement of the water being flushed down into the bowl, making this toilet run on eco-friendly hydroelectric  power. It stores all the electricity in a cell battery that could last up to ten years without ever having to replace it.

Not only that the computer inside the toilet will also manage the amount of water that is flushed to further decrease the amount of water used in each flush. How it does this is amazing, it uses voltage that will run over the contents of the bowl before flushing, analysing the minimum amount of water needed to perform the best flush. When used in a public block it will also ensure that sanitary conditions are kept at the highest level of sanitary with its non-contact design

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