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For many construction companies, knowing which towable water bowser to hire can be confusing. These small to medium sized vessels can be prepared for quality assured drinking water or filled with clean water, depending on the need.


2000 Litre Towable Clean Bowser


Failure to comply with the correct towable water bowser can result into a drivers CPC qualification and ‘entitlement to drive’ being taken away. So due to that reason, Tardis Environmental have come up with a little insight to help our customers.


The Differences


Capacity is either 1000 or 2000 litres and your variants are either site towable or road towable. Remember, if you are towing on the road, ensure your licence and the vehicle are suitable to tow such a trailer. Also, a 1000 litre bowser weighs in excess of a tonne and the 2000 litre twice as much!

When towing the site towable bowser on the road, it must NOT be carrying any payload.

Our Highway towable bowser may be towed on the highway with a payload, but you must also ensure the vehicle is powerful enough to tow up to 2600 kilos by referring to the towing vehicle VIN plate.

Click here to view our tech spec sheets for our towing water bowsers


 Road Towable Bowsers

Site Towable Water Bowser

  • Built & equipped to use on highway (including payload)
  • Built & equipped to use on highway (NOT including payload)
  • Lights and indicators built on chassis
  • Max capacity of 2000 litres
  • Breakaway cable
  • Can use off the highway with payload
  • Tardis offers 1000 & 2000 litres
  • Valid registration plate matching
  • Can be prepared for filling water
  • Utilises ‘On – Demand’ powered pumps


Still unsure, Tardis can help!


Through experience, customers can call our friendly office team who can assist with your requirements.


Depending on your needs, our products are available for purchase/hire our towable water bowsers on demand. Furthermore, our TardisH2O on site division is equipped to provide this service on request.

For more information or to simply get a quote, please click here

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