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Tardis Portable Toilet Hire


There have been situations where the wrong toilet could cause a messy problem! If a portable toilet is underground for example, with a high level of usage it will need a toilet service. Importantly, If we can’t access the toilet for servicing, it could lead to a time consuming and messy cleanup. At Tardis, we have many different types of portable toilets for rental.


What type of portable toilet do I need?


Below is the common toilets used at events, festivals and common outdoor activities and construction sites:
  • Event Portable Toilet
  • Disabled Portable Toilet
  • Mains Connected Portable Toilet
  • Construction Site Portable Toilet


On construction sites, it is a legal requirement that a construction portable toilet provides washing facilities. For this reason, there must be access for easy access to clean, wash and dry your hands. There must be enough room for your elbow to fit within the sink to wash your hands.


Event Portable Toilet


In addition, our main flagship toilet is the event portable toilet. It is a popular option and we hire out often to the events and festival industry. This robust toilet has a manual flush with a cold wash basin perfect for the needs of an event. We do get asked how many toilets will be needed for a certain event. As a rough idea on how many toilets you will need for an event use our portable toilet calculator.

event portable toilet

Click here for more information on our event portable toilets.


Disabled Portable Toilet

In conjunction with our event portable toilet, it is important to factor in customers with a disability. The disabled toilet is designed for full accessibility. There is easy access for a person requiring wheelchair access and a carer.

For more information on our disabled portable toilet, view our page for further specifications.


disabled portable toilet


Mains Connected Portable Toilet


Furthermore, the mains portable toilet is different to the construction portable toilet and events portable toilet we supply. It is not a self-contained unit and must be set up to the mains water supply by our Tardis fitters. Additionally, It requires electricity from a 230v 16 amp. The main advantage is the availability of hot water and a hot heater.

mains portable toilet

Construction Site Toilets


Our construction site toilets are available. Often our customers hire our construction portable toilets for long-term hire. The advantage of this is that we can services the toilets weekly or two weeks depending on the usage on site. This prevents any issues with tanks overflowing with waste. According to HSE, BS6465– 1:2006 recommends a ratio of 1 toilet to 7 persons where portable toilets are emptied once a week.

construction site portable toilet

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