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Compliying with UK Waste Regulations


Did you know that by not complying with UK Waste Regulations, your business can receive fine up to £20,000 or even have your waste carrier’s registration certificate revoked? As a waste management solutions leader, Tardis Environmental adheres to the Environmental Protection Act 1990.


This blog will help give a short overview of the legislation and the importance of keeping up to date with the law.



Environmental Protection Act 1990


The Environmental Protection Act 1990 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that defines, the fundamental structure and authority for waste management and control of emissions into the environment within England and Wales and Scotland.


To ensure compliance with Section 34 1 (a) Tardis Environmental verify all waste management licences/permits/exemptions against the relevant authority public register.


To ensure compliance with Section 34 1 (b) Tardis Environmental ensure that all containers/tankers are maintained and in a good state of repair.


To ensure compliance with Section 34 1 (c) Tardis Environmental certify if waste is transferred, it goes only to an ‘authorised person’ or to a person for ‘authorised transport purposes’.



Why is it so important?


It is required by law that anyone storing, processing, and treating waste, must hold an Environmental Permit. This effectively registers a business with the Environmental Agency and allows them to perform inspections to check waste management compliance. If an operator is deemed not to be following the rules, they can be subject to quite hefty fines, and in the process, their reputation will be damaged.


As a customer, it is the responsibility of the waste producer to declare the type of waste that has been produced. There is a list of wastes that have EWC codes to match specific types of waste. For more information, check out our European Waste Codes section.


Unfortunately, there are still those in the game who shirk responsibilities. A business was fined £14,000 for operating a waste transfer facility without holding an Environmental Permit. The consequences of their actions were potentially dangerous; they stored uncontained waste on the ground in very wet conditions, which caused an accumulation of standing water. Contaminated water could have been produced, which may have resulted in damage to the environment. It goes to show how important it is for waste management companies to abide by the law and have a responsibility to be compliant.



Tardis Environmental- Waste Regulations and Environmental Considerations


At Tardis Environmental, we take the importance of waste regulations very seriously. While we comply with waste management daily, we also try to implement within our departments from paperless printing to recycling goods. Our fleet of Tardis tankers is also FORS & Crossrail compliant. We often work on huge projects such as HS2 and Commonwealth 2022.


For more information on waste management compliance, contact us today. Alternatively, you can view the full legislation on the website by clicking here.