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How Pressure Washer Bowsers can assist you when there is no access to an electric or water supply


Need access to a water jetting lance but have no direct access to the mains or water supply? A pressure washer bowser will provide a solution by containing a high pressure jetting lance with the use of a water pump. There is no need to access water or mains supply as the water can be refilled into the bowser, start the pump and away you go.


Pressure Washer Bowser


Why would I need a Pressure Water Bowser?


A water bowser pressure washer can come in handy for various applications such as:

  • Agriculture & Farming

Cleaning equipment and vehicles found in the agricultural industry. The advantage a pressure washer bowser is that you can tow the unit to the desired site postcode, start up the pump, and off you go. There does not need to be direct access to mains or water supply.


  • Construction

Cleaning site equipment is a must, especially in summer months when construction dust is an issue. Eliminate dust and cleaning equipment at the same time with a pressure washer bowser and Dust Suppression Bowser.


  • Industrial

Requiring bulk water for various industries and sectors that need a jetting lance to clean surfaces to remove oil or spillages etc. Furthermore, many industries that produce messy environments require cleaning of the work area where appropriate. Cleaning can be done fast and hassle-free with a pressure washer bowser.


  • Commercial

Landscapers, Painters, Window Cleaners. When working in an environment prone to spillages or requires a high demand for water to finish the job. Landscapers, for example, can use a jet lance to provide over a 1000L of water to clean up the area they have been working on.


With a galvanised chassis and commercial van tyres for all terrains, our pressure washer bowser has the strength and durability for mobile cleaning jobs.

For full specification on our pressure washer bowser, please click here.


Bowsers for Hire

At Tardis Environmental, we provide various types of bowsers, such as water bowsers and fuel bowsers to suit many applications. We provide a bulk water delivery service. Not only do we hire out our plant, but we can also supply a full solution by providing water on demand. Check out our site water services from our water division, Tardis H2O.


Contact us today to arrange your pressure washer bowser for short or long term hire. Our phone number is 0800 731 0589. Alternatively, please fill out the enquiry form below for a free and fast quotation from our sales team.