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Septic tank Beware!

Whale has delivered our brand new 32 ton Vacuum Tanker. The new Scania 32 ton Vacuum Tanker has the capacity to carry over 3100 Gallons of wet waste, this is great for large septic tank emptying jobs and the other compartment will carry up to 1000 Gallons of clean fresh water (Not Suitable for Drinking).

The new 32 ton tanker is part of our ever growing Vacuum Tanker fleet.

What services can a vacuum tanker perform?

A vacuum tanker can perform services like septic tank emptying, cesspool emptying, cesspit cleaning, hazardous waste removal, tank wash downs and soakaway tests.

To empty an average septic tank that has the capacity to hold 1000 gallons of wet waste, it only takes our tankers approximately 7 mins with a 3” suction hose. For more info on our vacuum tankers suction abilities check out our Tanker Page.

What is a soakaway test?

A soakaway test is where a construction site needs to check the grounds soaking abilities. Our tanker will then turn up and pump water over the area they want to test and then see how long it will take to soak into the ground. This is to make sure the ground under the construction will not flood in light or heavy rain.

When we take your wet waste it becomes our waste and our responsibility to dispose of it within our strict guidelines and to make sure you have peace of mind. You can also request proof of disposal.

Tardis Environmental septic tank emptying services are nationwide and on a 24/7 call out service. So why not give us a call today on 0800 731 0589.

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