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Waste is an industry that can impact the environment we live in on a global scale. Many parts of the world have issues in tackling waste. It could be due to lack of infrastructure, lack of legislation, or managing the volume of waste that is produced. What key actions are included in the waste strategy for England?  


25 Year Plan


The government has pledged to leave the environment in a better condition for the next generation. The plan outlines the ambition to become the “world leader in using resources efficiently and reducing the amount of waste we create as a society.” There are issues regarding resources. We have seen many changes implemented, such as providing costs for plastic bags in supermarkets. Also, removing plastic straws in many restaurants and fast-food chains. Prolonging the life of materials and increasing sustainability is a massive factor in reducing waste.


What does the 25 year plan involve?


The publication provides a breakdown of the plan by chapter. The chapters include tackling waste crime, sustainable production, and more. You can view the publication by clicking the button at the end of the blog.  


How will this affect the Wet Waste Industry?


Currently, the wet waste industry is highly legislated in order to manage and dispose of waste production efficiently and in an Eco-friendly manner. Further precautions and focus on the waste industry as a whole can positively affect the wet waste industry as it will continue to be regulated at the highest level. On page 7 on the publication, it states that the government wants to be ambitious. “Where existing legislation cannot match our ambitions, we will take new powers to strengthen it.” We are likely to see even further changes over time. Legislation is responsible for disposing of waste and the impact it can have on our environment.  


Tardis Environmental- Waste Compliance


Wet waste is our forte. We ensure that waste is disposed of at the correct facilities across the country. Furthermore, with a focus on providing plastic-free packaging for drinking water solutions, we now offer our tetra pak water carton range for drinking water for events. For more information on the Waste Strategy for England, please click the button below.