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Waste Tanks and Fabrication

Waste Tank Fabrication

It goes hand in hand, we empty waste tanks and we manufacture them, lots of them for use up and down the land.

Need a custom sized waste tank? Our Tardis Fabrication team can provide you with any size waste tank.

Our main stock sizes are:

  • 600 Gallons (2700 litres)
  • 1000 Gallons ( 4500 litres)
  • 2000 Gallons (9000 litres)
  • 3000 Gallons (13600 litres)


In the main, these sizes fit comfortably under welfare and toilet blocks but of course, a waste tank can also be buried for convenience provided the service ports are open to access.

Tardis supplies effluent tanks in both steel and plastic. Each has its own merits. Steel can handle the hard knocks of construction site life, whereas plastic is lighter for transportation.

Actually, it’s not just construction sites who use waste tanks. The event and festival market use these, because for sheer size alone, a buried waste tank removes all your sanitation problems from high traffic events, especially if you employ the services of a Tardis vacuum tanker to empty the tank too.

This seems like a good point to introduce our brand new smart alarm, to streamline the transition between full tank and tanker service to empty it.

Our new level alarm works like all others apart from one thing. As soon as the full tank alarm trips, it sends an SMS message to up to four people alerting them to the fact the tank requires emptying.

Nice thing is, the first to respond, cancels out the other messages, so you’ll just book the empty service once.


Our Fabrication Team build custom Waste Tanks

Did you know we also manufacture waste tanks?

These can be any size and any shape and we’ll build in whatever features you need, such as sight glasses, level alarms (even smart ones).

Our fabrications shop is highly equipped and offers a fast turnaround from sketch to despatch.

The pages in this section cover all aspects of our waste tanks in depth.