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Custom Waste Tank Fabrication

The Speed of turnaround is Key

Something we pride ourselves in the Tardis camp is our ability to work with our clients with the onus on meeting needs, doing so in a fast and responsive manner.

In the fabrications department, we have the facilities both human and mechanical, to produce tanks not only to specification but with the rapidity our clients need.

A fast turnaround is often high on a client’s list of priorities for a new tank. We are proud of our ability to step to it and meet that need.

Custom Waste Tanks – Tardis Fabrications

“Any colour as long as it’s black”

Unlike the famous quote, we’ll provide you with any colour under the sun. 

Tardis manufacture waste tanks in any size or shape you can imagine that is transportable (see the monster at the bottom of the page for an example).

The tanks are durable, constructed from 4mm plate with box section for internal strength.

Inspection ports and lifting lugs come as standard, but you can specify any tank feature to suit your requirements.

Sight glasses, level alarms, ladders internal or external (depending on size) can be added in our well-equipped fabrication shop.

Mainly tanks are of the rectangular type, though we regularly receive requests for cylindrical too. All tanks are finished to a high standard (usually black), but unlike Mr.Ford, we’re not as strict when it comes to colour choice.

In general, if you can sketch it, we can make it. 


Main Features:

  • Manufactured to customer’s bespoke size and specification
  • Robust construction inside and out
  • External plate 4mm mild steel
  • Internal skeleton 40mm box section
  • Tanks built to customers specification
  • Fast turnaround

Common Optional Extras:

  • High level alarm
  • Inspection hatch
  • Submersible pump
  • Stopper valve
  • Sight glass
  • Ladders (internal or external)
  • NEW – SMS smart alert level alarm “tells you” when it’s full

Take a look at our range of stock waste tanks ranging from 2,700 to 13,600 litres

Short video of one of the largest tanks we’ve custom manufactured for a client at 52,500 litres it’s a bit of a monster.