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Plastic Waste Tanks

Plastic Waste Tanks

Waste tanks of any type need to be tough and durable for a long life on site.


Whilst little beats the all round strength of steel with its reinforced frame, a plastic tank offers a lightweight alternative, making transport less of a problem.

Like their metal cousins, plastic tanks be be par-buried for convenience and are often sited under welfare cabins and toilet blocks.

They feature twist off inspection ports for easy access and emptying and as we said, the major benefit of a plastic tank is weight saving when the item is empty.

Plastic waste tanks can be linked using a special kit available on request

Main Features – Plastic Waste Tanks:


  • Built in lifting handles and sling points
  • Sloped upper surface to drain off rain water
  • Sealed access ports protect against spillage and odours
  • Increase volume by linking several tanks together to extend the period between waste tank empties
  • Linkable in two directions; side-to-side, nose-to-tail
  • Stackable
  • Volume: 2270 litres (500 gallons)