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Looking for a solution to keep your workers hydrated? We might just have the answer!

Tardis H2o offer high quality water coolers ideal for office or site use.

H2o on Site Water Coolers

H2o on Site Water Coolers

We’ve compiled a list of handy tips for getting the most out of your water cooler.

Do not store the water coolers or replacement water bottles:

  • In an outside location
  • In direct sunlight
  • In a bathroom
  • Near contaminating materials, or in a dusty, unventilated or humid environment
  • On a sloping surface


  • Empty and wash out the drip tray located below the tap (if there is one) regularly
  • Check the use by dates on the bottles
  • Replace the bottle within three weeks of loading onto the water cooler
  • Ensure the outside surfaces of the water cooler are kept clean

Do not:

  • Poor any unused water or other liquids into the drip tray
  • Touch the nozzles of the dispensing taps
  • Leave the cooler without a bottle on


  • Unplug water cooler if out of water
  • Report any water taste or appearance problems as soon as they appear
  • Load water bottles onto the cooler following any manual handling recommendations
  • Allow for at least 70mm for ventilation around the cooler

Do not:

  • Leave the water cooler plugged into the power supply with no water in the bottle or without a bottle

Replacing the plastic bottle only takes moments

  • Remove the tamper-evident label from the bottle cap
  • Lift the bottle over the cooler sensibly
  • Store empty bottles in a safe place, if awaiting collection

Do not:

  • Remove the bottle cap
  • Refill the bottle with water from the tap
  • Throw away the empty bottle – they may hold a refundable deposit
Water Coolers Do's and Don'ts

Water Coolers Do’s and Don’ts

We offer two water cooler models – a standard model as well as a countertop water cooler, which is ideal when space is at a premium. Both models serve hot and cold water.

For more information on short or long term water cooler hire, give Tardis H2o a call on 0800 731 0589.

If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us.

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