As I look outside my office and see the rain pummelling down from the heavens completely soaking a man on a passing barge I can’t help, for one feel sorry for that man, two thankful I’m inside and three think about the hose pipe ban!

It is abit ironic the month they bring it into action the rain which we have been “missing” well and truly returns. Never the less this rain water will be a welcome site to all gardeners and landscapers who have been losing sleep over the hose pipe ban!

With British weather being the way it is we can expect that the rain will continue throughout the month, so if you are affected by the hose pipe ban and find yourself need water for whatever reason you better be collecting this rain!

However if you can’t collect the rain there are other solutions, at Tardis we provide you with temporary water tanks or water stocks.

Our range of water bowsers provide onsite solutions where no mains water connection is available or in this case is banned. Tardis 1000 litre (220 gallon) containers and 2400 litre (527 gallon) water bowsers are available for hire and sale. All water containers and bowsers are available with a 240v 16 amp on-demand pump.

Tardis fitters can plumb bowsers in if required. With our fleet of split tankers we can also offer a weekly water delivery service!

If you would like to know more free-phone 0800 731 0589 and we will be happy to have a chat with you!