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Running on a full tank? Introducing the NEW Tardis Water Level Indicator Smart Alarm


Do you have an issue in identifying the water level in your waste tanks? There is nothing worse to come back to the site to find waste and water everywhere! With our NEW Tardis water level indicator smart alarm, when the tank is about to become full, the alarm trips and is able to send an SMS message to alert up to 4 people.


We supply two types of alarms, the high water level indicator alarm and low water level indicator alarm:



High Water Level Indicator Alarm



Our high water level indicator is used to detect high water levels in pump chambers and waste tanks. Pump chambers are used in scenarios where there is no direct access to the main sewage line but sewage needs to travel a significant distance. The alarm is used in waste tanks in order to notify when the tank needs to be emptied.







  • 152mm Wide x 92mm High x 37mm Deep


Key Features:


  • Mute button to the front face silences the alarm once the alarm condition is discovered
  • Can be programmed to automatic reset or manual reset after an alarm occurrence
  • Battery operated – standard 9V PP3 battery
  • A flashing alarm light gives a visual indication of an alarm condition and this light will continue to show even when the alarm sounded is muted



For further information, please click here for our tech spec sheet for our high level smart alarm.



Low Water Level Indicator Alarm



A low level alarm alerts when the water in the tank is running low. Simple right? Let’s face it, having to physically go on site and check the tank is a lot more time consuming and therefore affect productivity on site! When the water is low, you can use our water level indicator alarm in conjunction with our water services. We can provide clean or drinking water starting from 1000 litres. Click here to view our range of water services.




IBC Water Tank



Alternative ways of measuring water levels



Water Flow Meter



The water flow meter is considered an alternative to the low-level alarm. It is attached directly to the outlet and measures the amount of water consumed. As water is being consumed, the reading on the meter will countdown until it reaches zero. This is where Tardis H2O will be available to refill your tank with clean or drinking water. Upon refill, the water flow meter will be reset to the capacity of the water tank allowing accurate readings of the water available in the tank.





Water Float Meter


The water float meter is a favourite alternative method of measuring water in your tank. The meter directly goes on top of the tank and the float directly inside it. As the water is consumed, the float goes down that then changes the meter reading to empty. Remember, this is not an accurate reading but is intended to provide a quick solution as to how full the tank is, for example, half full or 3/4″ full).





You can view our waste hire and fabrication section here for bespoke waste tank sizes to suit your needs.


There is plenty of solutions to monitor the water level in your tank. For further enquiries, contact us at


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