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Tardis Water Pump Hire!!!

Tardis has a water pump for every need.

WH20 water pump

If you need a water pump for some light work like water jetting or just simple water bowser filling, then our Honda WX10 is perfect for the job. Its output is 140 litres/min and has an operating time of 1h20 approx.

Need water pump with a little more power?

Pumps Water Transfering

If you need more power to pump your fresh water then why not hire out the WH20, with its 500 litre/min 4 stroke engine and has an Operating time of 2h30 approx.

These two pumps are great for small jobs and very portable. Working on a construction site and need water pumped quickly, then the WB20 or WB30 is the ideal choice as they have large output levels. The WB20 has an output of 600Litres/min and the WB30 has a massive 1100litres/min, which is great if you need to transfer water or if you have a flooded car park or site.

Waste water Remover

If you have waste water with large debris that needs to be pumped, The WT20 can handle debris up to 24mm and with an output level of 710litres/min you can be sure it will be done.

All above pumps have a 4 stroke engine that will need fuel. More information is available on our website.

Don’t want a fuel powered pump?

High pressure water pump

Then ask for one of our electric water pumps. Our Dab Water pumps are useful for Tank Filling, Domestic water supply, water transfer and pressure bosting. For more information on our electric water pump visit our website.

Tardis Water pumps can also fit our water bowser and the H2O Water Tankers. We can even supply a fitter who will fit the pump at an additional cost.

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