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Quality assured drinking water

We visited a leisure park in Lincolnshire, with lakes for jet skis and fishing as the main visitor attractions, but of course the guests need clean wholesome water to drink.

That’s why we were there, topping up the enormous drinking water storage tanks scattered about the complex.

As usual, our tankers are prepared for the quality assured and tested payload, before a drop goes into someone else’s vessels.

Hoses and fittings are WRAS approved (food grade) materials and all connections are disinfected before use for good measure.

Video content – Spring water delivery

The sun was not in evidence for our visit, in fact it was six degrees and foggy. No one was venturing out on jet skis or anything else waterborne for that matter, except the ducks and Moorhens and even a few of those were staying on dry land, having a mooch about and say hello to us.

Despite the chilly climate, there were plenty of guests on site and that’s why we’ve been making several trips a week providing quality assured drinking water, whilst their maintenance crew make alterations to the mains water feed to improve pressure to refill the tanks.

It’s not high season yet, though demand is for water is running to several thousand litres a day, keeping our tanker captains busy.

Water related services

Tardis H2O on site certainly gets about. It’s not just construction sites who need bulk water. We’ve been involved with film studios, theme parks, zoos and on that same day we were in Lincolnshire, another H2O tanker was filling the water storage tanks on board a brand-new boat that will be providing engineering and maintenance supplies to offshore wind farms.

That’s variety with a capital V.

Good reason to give Tardis H2O on site a call for any water related need. We supply anything from bottled drinking water by the pallet, to a 30,000 litre tanker load and if required, the vessels to store your water in.

And as you’ve already gathered from this blog post, we test water for a variety of purposes.

Here, it was to ensure the water was fit for purpose, which is drinking.

We do tests for contamination of varying types, micro-biological testing too.

So, if it’s water related, Tardis H2O supplies every need.


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