Welfare Waste Removal

If you need a welfare service and waste tank emptying service, then you can count on Tardis Environmental get the job done.

Waste Tanker servicing

Why do I need my Welfare unit Serviced and the waste tank emptied? If you have a welfare unit at a site that has both toilets and a canteen then you will need to have the welfare unit serviced. So what does the service include? A service is where Tardis will restock your soap dispensers, resupply your toilet rolls and anything else that needs restocking. Some Welfare Units have their own Clean Water tank, Which Tardis will be able to fill with clean fresh none drinking water.

When placing an order for a Welfare waste tank empty service please let us know what the size of the waste tank is. This is to ensure that we send the correct vehicle to empty your waste tank.

Some welfare waste tanks can be as large as 1000 gallons and a normal service van can’t take that much waste and will need us to send a Vacuum tanker to remove all the waste.

Welfare Servicing

When ordering a welfare waste tank empty service, please ensure you have access for our Tankers to perform the service. All our tankers carry 40 metres standard. If you think you will need us to bring more hose then please ask the Hire Desk at the point of request, to make a note for the driver to put extra hose on the tanker.

For any other wet waste removal  like septic tank emptying, cesspool cleaning and cesspit emptying please call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589.