Scania Chassis sent to Whale

Tardis have just purchased two new Scania chassis which are being sent to Whale. The two Scania chassis that Tardis have ordered is a 26 ton chassis and the other chassis being a 32 ton chassis.

Whale has taken delivery of the two chassis and will now be in the process of equipping them with tanks that will perform different jobs.

What Jobs will these new tankers carry out?

The 26 ton chassis is going to be our largest High volt jetvac tanker ever with the capacity to hold 3000 gallons, which will be great for wet waste removal, drain cleaning, drain unblocking, gully sucking, pressure cleaning, aco drain cleaning and interceptor emptying. The tanker will be chapter 8 approved and will meet our strict health and safety guidelines with all the correct health and safety equipment.

The 32 ton chassis will be a vacuum tanker with the capacity to hold 4000 gallons of liquid this will mainly be used for septic tank emptying, Bulk water delivery and wash downs. Chapter 8 approved and will also meet our health and safety guidelines as well as having all the correct health and safety equipment.

When Whale finishes installing the equipment to the chassis they will then send them back to us which we will then send off to get painted in our Tardis Environmental colours.

Once the two tankers are finished they will go home to our London depot ready for work.

Need a septic tank emptying service or gully sucking service then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website which will have all the information that you will need to know about septic tank emptying, gully sucking, interceptor cleaning and bulk water delivery.