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Drain Interceptors


Many businesses use drain interceptors also known as a drain interceptor trap or a separator. The purpose of a drain interceptor is to separate oil or other contaminants from liquid waste waterThe interceptors must be cleaned and contaminants disposed of in a legal and ethical manner. That is where our Tardis services come in!


drain interceptor cleaning


Where are drain interceptors found?

Drain Interceptors are found in many places underground. The most common places are:
  • Industrial Estates
  • Pubs
  • Schools
  • Car parks
  • Supermarket car parks
  • Hospitals
  • Lorry Parks
Interceptors stop effluent and run-off from vehicles or other cleaning activities. These run-offs if uncaught can damage the environment and pollute rivers or streams.


Take the scenario for example that a car is leaking oil in a car park and it starts to rain. The drains begin doing their jobs by draining the water but it’s up to the interceptor to successfully trap the oil in the water and store it separately. The oil and water will run together into the drain, however, through the drain, it will become separated as the interceptor traps the oil. The water runs through separately. This helps protect the environment ultimately and the business’s reputation. There have been cases where contaminants have affected a local water stream and harm wildlife.


Dirty water or run-off from vehicle washing/cleaning activity is called trade effluent. Whether you’re cleaning one vehicle or responsible for a large lorry fleet, you must arrange for collection and disposal of effluent. It’s illegal to discharge trade effluent to the environment or into drains without permission.


Need more information on drain interceptors? Visit our interceptor emptying page.


Oil Removal and Interceptor services from Tardis




Our fleet of vacuum tankers are able to service these applications when required. We are a fully licensed waste carrier and have disposal sites throughout the UK to dispose of this waste in a safe and ethical manner for our customers. A full duty of care is available on request. Tardis Environmental UK is recognised as a major service provider to the septic tank manufactures and other waste water industry companies. For more information on oil removal services, visit our oil removal services page.   
For any queries or help, we can assist you by contacting us by phone 0800 731 0589

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