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A pump chamber or pump sewage station are found in sewage systems such as a septic tank. When effluent requires the need to be discharged to the mains sewage treatment or a septic tank, if gravity prevents the wastewater from being pumped due to the site having a higher-water level, then you will require a pump chamber. The purpose of the pump chamber is to distribute effluent wastewater and sewage to the main sewage system. If there is not a sewage system, then the waste will pump to a sewage treatment facility such as a septic tank system.


Sewage pump chambers of various sizes are found in many areas including:

  • Outbuildings
  • Basements within the home
  • Offices & industrial properties
  • Schools


Sewage Pump Stations


Sewage pump stations can vary in size depending on the capacity of wastewater that entering the sewage system. They are also available in horizontal or vertical variations. High-level alarms can also be installed into the units. For more information on high-level alarms, click here. The purpose of the alarm is to provide an audible alert indicating that the water level in the pump is too high. Some pump chambers have several overflow pumps. There is a float mechanism (similar to a toilet) where if the float is inactive and the water level rises, the high-level alarm will alert. However, an overflow pump can discharge wastewater into a local river. Remember, discharging effluent wastewater into direct water streams such as rivers will be against the law in 2020 as part of the general binding rules. Find out more by clicking here.


Submersible Water Pump


Within the pump chamber consists of a submersible water pump. The purpose of this pump is to transfer sewage or wastewater upwards. Specific pumps can pump up to a certain length to reach the mains or septic tank (depending on if there is no access to a mains sewage line).


Pump Chamber Maintenance 


When the pump chamber requires emptying, we can provide maintenance services. Pump chambers can often require expert maintenance because of the way they operate. Our Tankers provide wet waste removal services nationwide. Specifically, our Tardis Fitters team can provide maintenance on all types of pumps, including, dirty water pumps, clean water pumps, and more.

Our Tardis Fitters specialise in temporary site services such as plumbing and electrical connection of equipment on-site.

It is essential to maintain your pump chamber to preserve and prolong the life of your pumping station.

To enquire about pump chambers and our maintenance services, contact us today below. Alternatively, call us on 0800 731 0589.