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What is a Waste Declaration Form?



Waste declaration forms (also referred to as waste transfer notes) need to be completed by the waste producer in order to remove the waste. These documents are part of the disposal facilities pre-acceptance criteria. This form is to be completed by site to allow Tardis to safely and legally collect and dispose of the waste. The form should detail a comprehensive overview of the waste to be collected; via a Tardis vacuum tanker.


The form should have the waste producers details on it, how the waste was generated, the volume and physical state of the waste as well as the relevant EWC (European Waste Code). This blog aims to explain all the elements of this waste declaration form.


What type of waste do we remove and dispose of?



We can remove hazardous and non-hazardous wet waste. We are licenced waste carriers and waste brokers. Our Waste Carrier number is CBDU84986. For more information on the types of waste we dispose of, check out our recent Waste Removal Blog Here.



Uncertain of what type of waste it is?


If you are unsure on the type of waste that you need to dispose of, we can arrive on site and take a sample. This sample is for the disposal facilities acceptance only. There would be no analytical data provided from this sample. Still unsure, give us a call and we can help.



What do we do with the waste?


All waste is collected in accordance with the correct duty of care. Tardis Environmental collect the waste safely and legally remove of site to fully disposal facilities. All waste transfer notes are available on request



Information required from the Waste Declaration Form



Below is a waste transform note template including the information we need in order to process the waste declaration form. It is important to include an EWC code. If you can’t find a code for your waste, Click here for more information from the GOV website.


waste dec form

Click below to view an example waste declaration form.




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