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Dust Suppression Solutions


How To Combat Dust on-site


What is dust suppression, and how can dust be managed on-site. Dust suppression is a process that uses water to eliminate and restrict dust particles from becoming airborne. Dust can quickly spread. Dust contains particles that are found in many applications. Common particles include grit in a construction site or dust found in homes or public places containing pollen or dust mites, for example. Dust suppression systems, including our dust suppression bowsers, eliminates dust on all different sites and applications. Find out why dust suppression is an essential process for your building site.


Industrial Applications Requiring Dust Suppression


Controlling construction dust and preventing issues is vital for the well being of people who are affected by the environment where dust is apparent. Construction sites experience a high level of dust due to the volume of vehicles and materials delivering to site. Vehicles cause grounded dust to become airborne, causing breathing issues and reduced visibility.

Want to combat dust for your buliding site? The simplest solution to dust control is a high capacity dust suppression bowser. Specifically designed to provide bulk water in a towable form, our dust suppression bowsers contain a water sprinkling system to tackle all sites and terrains. Using water is a cost-effective method to eliminate dust on-site.

We have two popular variations of dust suppression bowsers tailored to combating dust on a small or large scale. Depending on the size of your environment, you may require a 2000 Litre or 10,000 Litre unit.


10,000 Litre “Big Daddy” Dustroyer Dust Suppression System


dust suppression bowser

Our 10,000L “Big Daddy” Bowser is the perfect solution for combating dust on large construction sites due to the capacity of water the bowser provide.


Other settings this particular unit is suitable for include:

  • Approach roads
  • Car Parks
  • Quarry Roads
  • Construction Sites
  • Agricultural/Farming Fields

With a wide spray water pattern, it provides the ultimate dust suppression solution by targeting a wide range of airborne and grounded dust.

This bowser is a towable unit. However, please be aware that only suitable plant machinery can be used to pull bowsers. Always check you have appropriate equipment on-site with the capabilities to pull hired in bowsers.


Small Dust Suppression Solution – 2000L Dust Suppression Bowser


The Tardis 500 gallon / 2000 litre dust suppression bowser is the ideal choice to combat dust contamination and build up. It can deal with challenging terrains and is suitable for smaller sites that require less water.

Key features for our 2000 Litre solution are:

  •  Mounted on to a trailer with Land Rover style wheels for easy transportation in any terrain.
  •  Complete with mounted petrol water pump.
  •  It is designed to be towed off-road on sites.


There is a variety of bowsers we have available ranging from 2000 Litres to 10,000 Litres.


Check out our full range of dust suppression in the spec sheet library.


Providing bulk water- Tardis H2O


Furthermore, We also offer a bulk water delivery to site. No matter the quantity of water required, we can deliver articulated barrels worth of water of up to 30,000L per load. If you need further bulk water for those heavy water demand environments, we can provide bulk water with fast and effective service. Check out our water services at Tardis H2O.



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