Septic Tanks

What are the most common Septic Tank Systems?

The first most common Septic Tank System is the gravity system, which uses gravity to move the wet waste into the septic tank and then when separated, Waste water will leave through the Outlet pipe and to the drainfield to be soaked up and become ground water. This is what most domestic homes have.

The second is PDS (Pressure Distribution System). This will have a pump attached to it that will distribute wet waste to the entire drainfield for a more even spread.

Other Alternative Systems are the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). This uses oxygen to break down solids, producing clean waste water.

A Mound System is only used when there is minimal soil available for treatment, the drainfield will then be raised above ground level.

A Bio Filter system consists of different layers of sand and gravel placed in a watertight box. Wet Waste is pumped into the bottom of the filter and then works its way up through the sand and gravel out into the soil.

AdvanTex Filter system. The wet waste is filtered through layers of engineering textile materials that is enclosed in a watertight container. This allows treatment of a large amount of wastewater in a small space and is clean enough for subsurface irrigation.

And Finally a Drip Irrigation is a shallow, pressure-dosed system that will equally distribute pre-treated wastewater at a very slow rate over the entire drainfield, preventing flooding of the soil.

Whatever the septic tank system is you can be sure that Tardis Environmental will be able to empty it in professional and speedy service at a low cost.