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What types of waste do we empty or dispose?


Before we break down what type of waste we empty and dispose, it is important to know certain waste must be disposed of at a licenced disposal facility. Tardis Environmental are licenced waste carriers. Our Carrier licence number is CBDU84986.


What is waste? 


Waste is the substance left over after primary use and is often pointless unless the waste is in a recyclable form. Most wastes require removal and specific methods of disposal depending on its type.

The main forms of waste include:

  • Wet Waste
  • Solid Waste
  • Wastewater
  • Recyclable Waste
  • Hazardous Waste


types of waste


Liquid Waste/ Wet Waste


Liquid waste is also known as wet waste. Wet waste disposal is a large part of our tanker service that we provide. When we arrive on site, (especially construction sites) we collect a sample and often remove oil, wastewater.


We regularly empty wastewater. Typically, the wet waste we remove on site is from emptying waste tanks.


Do you have liquid waste on site? Contact us and we can arrange to remove and dispose of the waste ethically and legally. Remember, it is an offence to dispose liquid waste at a landfill site.


Another form of wet waste we can remove is oil and water from drain interceptors. For more information on drain interceptors, click here.

Drain interceptors are found in built up places such as car parks, industrial estates and complexes containing restaurants. We have the tankers with high suction to remove the oil and water and dispose of it.



Drilling Waste 


Drilling slurry is the after product from mining and drilling. It is a mix of water, mud and any other hard material that has been encountered during the drilling process. A sample will ben taken and our Tardis tankers can use it’s suction pipe and remove the drilling fluid. We can then dispose of this.


Commonly, we will arrive with our 26 tonne vacuum tanker and collect a sample on site. Drilling slurry is only accepted by certain disposal sites.


Check out the video below showing the process of us arriving on site and removing drilling slurry.



How much waste can we empty? 


We can empty as much waste as needed. Tardis Environmental has an extensive fleet of vehicles and can provide such requirements. Our 26 tonne wet waste tanker for example is specifically designed to remove liquid waste and can carry up to 13,000 litres of liquid waste per load! We can arrange for higher volumes. Just contact us today.


tardis wet waste tanker


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