What things can damage a septic tank?

People who wash their dishes normally pour all the Fats, oils &
greases also now as (FOG) down the drain. A lot of this adds FOG to your septic

Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms and paper towels. All of these can fill
up the septic tank and cause the plug inlet and outlets to block up the septic tank
and cause pumping to be needed more frequently which means you could end up
needing to buy a new one.

Hobby or craft materials like paints, thinners or other chemicals. All
these can kill the bacteria in the septic tank and cause the system to die or
not function correctly, which is needed to break down the solids. The thinners
and chemicals could also cause leaks in the seals

Filter tips of cigarettes and ear buds. Both can plug baffles and
increase the need for the septic tank to be pumped sooner than normal.

Tardis Environmental Ltd Septic tank Emptying Service is not just about
emptying septic tanks but we also provide maintenance on septic tanks as well