You may be the best event planner ever but sometimes you just can’t control everything. Even if you have got everything sorted from food to portable toilets sometimes external forces come in to play.

You may have heard that Creamfield’s was cancelled. This was because of extreme weather conditions which made the sight “unusable”. Unusable? How could it be unusable?  Well,


A statement on the Creamfields website stats “Everything that could be done to keep the festival running was, but eventually the conditions on site made it impossible.”

So, even if you have hired portable toilets, got the best acts, the best organisation you possibly could. Your whole site could still become flooded and you have to cancel the event. British weather for you.

Luckily there were no casualties and all attendees are being escorted from the event with the help of the Cheshire police. Creamfields organisers are yet to make an announcement about any refunds.

Although its still not as bad as Glastonbury 2004 was!